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Our Environmental Commitment

Wood is the most renewable, abundant and versatile resource in the world. When managed properly, both our environment and economy prosper.

Vintage Doors' commitment to the environment is reflected by the following:

  • We hand select each board for your project.

    The process of creating a distinctive, solid wood door that respects the environment begins with the hand selection of rough stock. By hand selecting each board used in your door, we minimize waste and maximize quality.

  • We strive for zero waste.

    To reduce our impact on the environment we constantly strive to increase our production efficiency and reduce waste. All additional scrap material that cannot be used for millwork purposes is used in heating our facility. All sawdust is recycled and given to local farmers for animal bedding.

  • We handcraft long-lasting, quality products to eliminate future waste.

    Most importantly, our handcrafted wood doors provide longevity. Unlike other man-made materials, they do not rust or corrode, no matter how hostile the environment. Wood doors can be cleaned easily or completely refinished! Modern preservative treatments & finishing products are also available so your wood door has a longer life than ever before.

  • We encourage the preservation of nature.

    To protect our natural resources, Vintage Doors recommends using wood harvested from responsibly managed forests. Certified woods are available!!!

  • We promote energy efficient products.

    Wood is a natural insulator. A well-constructed wood door coupled with a good weather-stripping package provides the best possible barrier to heat or cold! Many competitors construct their doors from multiple pieces of wood (composite materials, hollow cores, veneers or engineered stiles and rails) causing them to be less durable and less energy efficient. Low-e glass is also available for increased efficiency!